Wednesday, November 9, 2016

…Woke up this morning sad and stunned.  Saw these on my FBK feed:

I told my girls that Trump won the Presidency this morning. We spoke about it all morning. Simone asked me why are you so calm. I told her that I prayed about it and God is still on the throne. I told her that this country was built for free from our ancestors with their lives,blood,sweat, and tears. That we are a resilient people and we have faced tougher times in history. I am praying for us all and Trump. Prayer changes and descends all things. -- Anjeanette Miles

To our daughters:
We are sorry. We are sorry you still have to do everything bigger, better, more perfectly, with the right make up and the right clothes and the right smile; never make one mistake, one slip, one error that will be dragged out and held against you even though you will be surrounded by many, many, who have done way less, been given much more, those who have never known the pain of alienation and disenfranchisement but simply yell louder and in an uglier voice.
We are sorry. -- Katherine DiBella Seluja



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