Friday, September 9, 2016


…For years, blogspot wouldn’t let me fix the broken links (online magazine sites that had gone defunct) but then the other day the spell was lifted and so I spent quite a few hours deleting things and adding new pieces.  There should be around seven hundred stories here under Words In Print and I think if you click on anyone of them it’ll take you right to the story.

…Thanks for reading my blog.  I don’t know who you are, but I’m grateful.  We’re nearing a quarter million views, which is kind of cool.

…I’ve had a surge of things published lately, but that’ll be it for a while.
Here are some:

…I hope you have a great weekend.  It’s sunny here and I hope it is sunny wherever you are as well.

“I do albums and, like a fool, I listen to what people say about them.  The terrible thing is it puts you off our own stuff.” Paul McCartney

 “You may be talented, but you’re not Kanye West.” Kanye West

 “No one get a free pass from heartbreak, discouragement, and the dull, weary thud that comes from asking, Did I waste my time.” Rob Bell

“And that’s when we began writing our own songs…We knew we had something; you could feel it, the hairs stood up on our arms, it just felt so different.  We didn’t know what it was, but we liked it.  I just came up with this riff for ‘Black Sabbath.’  I played ‘dom-dom-dommm.’  And it was like: that’s it!  We built the song from there.  As soon as I played that first riff we went: ‘Oh God, that’s really great.  But what is it?  I don’t know.’” Rony Iommi

“I can’t dance like Usher.  I can’t sing like Beyonce.  I can’t write songs like Elton John.  But we can do the best with what we’ve got.  And so that’s what we do.  We just go for it.” Chris Martin, Coldplay

“I like nonsense.  It wakes up the brain cells.” Dr. Seuss


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