Friday, November 20, 2015


…Today was a good day.
It started off with two rejections, but then I got three poems excepted.  As you know, it’s been a while since anyone’s taken my poems.
I got asked to do a podcast question and answer session which will take place December 9th.
And I had these pieces up:

Plus I wrote more poems.  (I always like the newest poems I’ve written better than the ones that came before):

Silence Is A Yes

Today I apprentice in a tunnel so dark
I can only feel the rats
Scurry across my feet
You told me silence is a yes
But I didn’t believe you
In Paris we counted blue cars
And pigeons liked your perfume
Your mother hated me
But she still called
To give me the news
So I apprentice in a sink hole
So quiet I can hear the tree roots whisper
“He must have really loved her.”

Baby I Missed You

You’ve been gone a while
So likely we’ll have sex tonight
Lots of extra body fluids spilled
Some good old fashioned bed shaking
It’s always the same after you’ve been away—
Your need for a naked toy
But all I really want is
Your mouth in my ear
Saying Baby I missed you
Just you not your body

Every Single Piece

I am giving away pieces of myself outside
A bus terminal when an old woman
Asks, Do you know how dangerous that is?
The birds peck out my eyes for free
A cabbie collects my baguette legs like a
Parisian baker on the run
No one wants my ears—too big!
A homeless man dips my fingers in a jar of hot mustard
Before nibbling on the knuckles
Last to go is—you guessed it—
My heart
Black as night
Blood pooling in your palms


You were the snag
In my marriage
A wind gust taking down trees
A gaping hole in an already sinking boat
The walls had ears
Our friends and families
Lined up their blades biases
But nothing is seamless
Even eagles struggle in storms
A sleeping otter might let go of its mate’s paw
Tomorrow might rule out the sun entirely
Or hand you a new set of keys
In between the hot stones of indecision
You were the only thread to cling to
But the unraveling was all mine

Quiet Monsters

There is split in your lip that wasn’t there before
And you are trying to hide
Inside a bathrobe with the collar turned up
When breakfast wasn’t made I knew
It’s always the same signs
The nervous finger tap-tap-taping
The same far off staring
Maybe you’re thinking about regrets
Or when you were a little girl feeling happy for once
He’s a quiet monster
With knuckles that are always shiny and unmarked
When he comes to the table I look at the
Black and white wedding photo of you two
A couple of kids smiling, beaming really
You’ve been a good mother but I need a woman
Who can show me strength
Show me how to fall into the right arms
Or else fight back
Now you flinch
When Dad flicks the newspaper open
The cat has long ago left
And tonight, after school,
I’ll have done the same

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