Friday, July 24, 2015


…So there was a reading last night and I read and two of my good friends read and it all went swimmingly, as my son so often says.  (not sure how the expression swimmingly came into being.)
A friend from my corporate days surprised me by showing up.  Afterward she said, “You’re so different now.  Well, you’re the same, but you’re all lite up seem so enraptured with your new writing life.  You come alive.”
I agree and was glad she noticed and it humbled me.  I’m so lucky to be able to do the thing I always wanted to do, and to do it as much as I want.
It was a fun night spend with very authentic and nice people.

….Tomorrow night I’m going to see another of my favorite bands.  These guys:

…It’s been kind of a treasure trove of interesting commentary the last few days on Facebook.  As I’ve said before, I wish I knew what to do with FB and wish I could be so attention-grabbing:
-the Grateful Dead is hands down the best music to listen to while getting a divorce.
-Ugh. As someone who hires people, I am telling you how far a thank-you note goes. Never forget to send one. It really speaks to the quality of a candidate. 9x out of 10, it means that person is legit. Also, please don't say to people you're interviewing with, "thank god I took an adderall
-I just realized what all my troubles have stemmed from: my life was set in airplane mode.
-I'm setting the record straight now: I never ate a placenta. I did, however, keep one in the freezer for over a year, just in case.
-receiving holy messages in public bathrooms is kinda my thing
-a tiny, old man asked me how my hair got purple like that and I said "I woke up like this" so I won today.
-Last night at Little Caesar's I saw a dude in a Slipknot shirt telling his little brother that fireworks are illegal and he would go to jail if he shot any. Way to not be metal, bro.
-There is no difference between a toddler and a very, very drunk person. None.
-The neighbors are using a circular saw. In their bedroom.  WHAT. ?????

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