Saturday, July 19, 2014


…TGIF.  Yep.  It’s going to be a good one, too.  And the day after that, and the day after that…

…Here are a few things I learned last week that you might already know:

-An average of 22 war veterans kills themselves each month in the U.S.

-Police are looking for a Seattle man who donated three skulls to a thrift store last week.

--Nearly 60 illegal immigrants, most of the children, have crossed the Texas border so far through the middle of July and are being retained there.

-2.3% of Americans claim to be gay or bisexual.

…And here are some notable comments from Facebook friends this week:

-Man in coffee shop: Are you Brazilian?
Me: Um, no?
Man: Yeah, well the world is ending.
Me: Oh, um...
Man: Well you SEEM Brazilian, and your people are dying in agony. ..
-Today I woke up as the aged, bitchy baroness in The Sound of Music. I look middle aged and mean, as though I have been eating MSG and smoking. Oh, and I am jealous of any young, virginal, perky Maria-types. My god, I am Auntie Mame.

-If I had a metal band, I'd call it Hot Pepsi. Nothing incites feeling of pain, dread, fear like hot pepsi.
 -I was JUST discussing society's complicated, and baffling, relationship with the word VAGINA.VAGINA VAGINA VAGINA.  It's a body part, guys. Roughly half us have them. GET OVER IT.

-brooklyn i need your colors.
-Man, this McDonald's manager really knows how to get her point across. This bitch don't mess around. I'm privy to the staff meeting at the ketchup splattered table to my left. I wish I had studied harder and masturbated less.

-Today while walking from Point A to Point B, kid in minivan calls me a whore. Twenty minutes later, still on my way to Point B, same kid, now driving in opposite direction, calls me a whore, again.
Either I need to start walking faster or kid needs to mix up that vocab a bit.

...So, hey, have a great weekend.

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