Monday, November 4, 2013


…I think I’ve become too judgmental and opinionated.  In fact, I know I have.
It’s nothing I’m proud of, but something I need to change, and soon.  Sometimes I feel like I’m a jerk and, that is a shitty feeling...

…Anyway, I had an interesting weekend.  How about you?  I wish you’d tell me about it.  I wish you’d tell me anything, really.

...Here are some interesting, or clever, or funny, or brave things, Facebook friends had to say last week:

-There's a new study out that says Oreo cookies are more addictive than cocaine.

-I'm down in virginia, hanging with a friend, we're probably on the verge of writing a drunk Kung fu movie script.

-This morning, Facebook helpfully suggests that "it's never too early to find the right midwife." Also that I might "like" Miley Cyrus or pursue an undergraduate degree at Boston University.

-I am so thankful that America is filled to the brim with idiots, otherwise my superiority complex would be like, way more difficult to justify.

-I have been officially divorced for 6 days and didn't know it. Onward and upward.

-An anteater walks into a bar and says that he'd like a drink.
"Okay," says the bartender. "How about a beer?"
"Noooooooooo," replies the anteater.
"Then how about a gin and tonic?"
 "A martini?"
Finally, the bartender gets fed up and says, "Hey, listen buddy, if you don't mind me asking - why the long No's?"

-I received good news that I can't say anything about and am waiting on potentially good news I can't say anything about. I can't say anything about anything. So there you are.  The zombie apocalypse can come any day now.

-When people write, "your dumb," maybe it's not a typo--they just mean stupidity belongs to you. "Here's your dumb, now leave."

-Sometimes, my bank asks me, as a security question, What is the name of your childhood best friend? And I answer, Darren. I have not spoken to Darren for about ten years or so. But I'm glad we're still "connected" in this small invisible way.  I wonder, when asked the same question, if Darren's answer is Kevin.

-Without beer, human civilization wouldn't exist.  Civilization exists so parents can drink wine.

-At my middle school visit today, I was explaining how one of my books was about Mexican drug cartels, and a bunch of 13 year olds jumped up and started screaming that I was a racist. So...that happened.


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