Monday, June 17, 2013


…In nine days I’m getting a puppy, and man is she cute.  Part Yorkie, part shitsu, she’ll probably not be more than ten pounds.  Indeed, good things do come in little packages.
Her name is Lucy.
I’ve been doing a lot of studying on how to train her.  I let my last dog pretty much do whatever she wanted and that was a big mistake.

…It’s sunny and beautiful here in Seattle.  The lake is noisy and I like it.

…Here are some interesting comments from Facebook that might make you smile.  They did me.

-Wow. Facebook really, really wants me to lose some weight before I put on a swimsuit. I'll try not to take that personally, Facebook.

-I woke up and realized I did that thing where I drunk ordered stuff online. For shame.
I taught my nephew how to high five. Now on to the next logical hand gesture... flipping people off. BEST AUNT EVER!

-A truckload of pigs just overturned on the autobahn. Horrible.

-Just once I'd like to have someone call me "sir" without following it up with "you're making a scene."

-A listing for an office job says, "Wkly $450+pot." Uh...

-My dog has a big dick.

-The devil on my shoulder is playing a mammoth role in my decisions tonight.

-What is an acceptable tip to give someone after they stare at my vagina for an hour? Just the tip...

-Hello Monday, you rotten corpse.

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