Friday, June 7, 2013


…What are your plans for the weekend?

…I’m the featured writer at Pure Slush this month.
Here’s one of the four stories that’ll be up:

…“Wrote about 140 pages in the last 2 months. none of it is fiction and it feels good but sorta lonely...”
This was on one of my writer friend’s Facebook posts today.
It’s exactly how I feel writing the novel—happy but lonely.
Writing is a very lonely endeavor.

…Here are some other—not so dire--Facebook posts from this week:

-When i click through your pictures really fast you almost look alive.

-This morning the zoo smelled like bacon.

-Cat pissed in plant.  Bad cat.

-Nothing symbolizes marriage better than a dead cat.

-Bourbon, lost, gluten free cake! In that order. Sexual.

-The only way I made it to work this morning was by pretending that the zombie apocalypse was taking place and I had to go to the front lines to help my squad fight against the undead hordes.

-I'm thinking of having a glass of wine. yeah, so a bottle is made of glass.

-Ellie, running her fingers across my bald spot, "Pappa, I can see your brain through your hair."

-On the street: boy with apricot hair and a faux boa says, "And I was , like, sexting from both phones at the same time."

-If you didn't scream today or your workplace does not provide an adequate scream-stall, you are allowed to scream below this message.

-That moment when you are home alone playing with your child's toys.

-Let's all get upset at the same time and then become airplane hangars.

-I'd be fine if I died and came back as swimming pool algae. Or better yet, slime on a rock next to a hidden waterfall.

-I don't even want to think about what we would do if prescription medication didn't have "take by mouth" on the label

-One thing about being an impoverished writer - an alarmingly small circle of friends.

-My mission is simple: Stay alive, wreak havoc.

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