Tuesday, January 25, 2011

…I need to be more productive, pick up the pace, be less distracted, look around less, stare at my computer more, stick to crossing off what I put down (and often carry over to the next day's ) to-do-lists, and turn off Facebook.

…Speaking of Facebook, a writer friend wrote this yesterday: "Facebook is a lot like prison. You waste all of your time writing on walls and getting poked by random people."

…I have no knew stories up since the last post, but I have at least fifty floating in submission land and I wrote a bushel of them yesterday and the day before.
I've been reading Lindsay Hunter's collection, "Daddy's." She writes like a coil of barbwire you accidentally got your foot caught in; her writing is barbed and won't let you go. I'm trying to read it as a poor person would eat a very expensive meal or dessert. She's the kind of writer who makes me want to write and has actually forced me to stop in mid-sentence and write an entire story of my own.

…I finished Sam Pink's novel,"Person." It's odd and funny and like nothing you read. If you don't believe me, here:
"I eat some more ice cream and stare at him.
It looks like I could just walk into he livingoom and jump on his head.
It looks like me and him are dust in someone else's carpet and we can't say hello for fear of having to come up with a good reason.
When I leave the room there is just the dark quiet of the livingroom behind me and I have done nothing wrong.
When I shut the door to my room, I'm safe.
I imagine a large person playing with a replica or our apartment as a dollhouse--me and my roommate for dolls.
I want to say to this person, "What's botherng you, tell me."
And I'd be fine with a million tomorrrows if I could plan them all out right now and if they all began with me jumping onto a large container/vat of puppies with Dutch accents."
…I just pulled that excerpt up by random. There are others that are weirder.

…I like Esquire magazine and I like the things they teach me about other people or myself, sometimes with words and sometimes with numbers. Here are some factiods:
1 in 2 -- Odds that the average guy will become a dad
How this title affects his manhood -- His testosterone level dives 65 percent for 3 months after th birth of a child
1 in 100 -- Number of dads who faint during delivery
Tuesday -- Day most newborns arrive
1 - 10 -- Number of men who preserve the miracle on video
2 -- Number of such miracles the averag guy experiences
1 in 10 -- Number of men who spawn four or more sons or daughters
1 in 13 -- Number of couples who name their kids after pop-culter icons
Brett and Favre -- Names chose by David and Emily Kinsaulf of Palatka, Florida for their new twin bosy.
(More factiods coming next time…)

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