Wednesday, January 5, 2011

…I have a new micro piece, "A Perfect Match" up at Eunoia Review and a story, "Small World" at Blue Lake Review. Both are also here under "Words In Print."

…I had a productive evening writing two stories, one about how nobody reads anymore, and another about a war veteran, inspired by Dylan's gut-wrenching, anti-war song, "John Brown." Then, early this morning, before I took my son to the bus stop, I wrote a couple of poems. I usually don't write this early, so it's been a good start.

…Did you see it? According to Monday's USA Today, there is some shocking stuff happening on line:
"How honest are you on social networking sites?"
--31% Totally honest
--26% Fib a little
--22% Flat out lie
--21% Total fabrications
Holy crap! Flat out lying? Total fabrications? Really? Yikes...

…Here are some more excerpts from Frank Warren's book, "A Lifetime of Secrets":

The hands I was afraid of when I was a kid now are just part of a frail, lonely, sad man.

I'm glad he isn't alive to see me as a lesbian. I'm not ashamed, but he would be.

It sucks having your dad go to jail when you are only in sixth grade.

when you said I wasn't good enough to be your girlfriend, I used it as my inspiration. congratulations, asshole, you're famous.

I wish I could interview your ex-wife and find out why she left and see if they are the same reasons why I have considered leaving.

I leave encouraging notes in open lockers

I handed the most important person in my life the drugs that killed him.

I wish my dad was still alive so he could scare awy the boys

I lied. it never came out negative. I just didn't want both of us worrying.

I don't believe in Satan but once I prayed to him and offered my soul if he would make me pretty

I am very afraid that this is the climax of my life

Sometimes I sit alone in the caferteria. I have conversations with myself on the phone so people don’t think I have no friends.

I don't know if I was raped

Whenever I make you a cd I'll hide one song that says how I really feel about you

I stole a picture of you from your honeymoon. it makes me happy to think that there was a time when you loved each other and that you were once happy.

The 11th was my 16th birthday. I told everyone that I got wasted. I really went to see a movie with my dad. It was my best birthday in 16 years. I love you, Dad.

I'm embarrassed that my dad sells cars even though he provides me with everything I need and more.

When I have a little girl later in life, I want to name her after the teacher that saved me. Thank you.

I miss when you were just proud of me.

The first time I got drunk, my friends left me in an empty room because I blacked out. I woke up naked and bleeding. I was 12.

I'm embarrassed by my dad's nose piercing.

I'm scared to death that my son will grow up to realize I'm gay.

To my Momma bear-- Thank you for never leaving me alone with him. I wish Grandma had protected you.

I'm too afraid to tell.

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