Monday, September 27, 2010

…Thanks to my good friend, Meg Pokrass, I have a new piece, "Mermaid" up at BLIP magazine and here under "Words In Print."

…I was rejected again by PANK last night. I think that makes 16 times. I have two more pieces I'll try, then I'll pack up my PANK bags and mosey on into the sunset.

…I finished my novel editing today. It's a strange feeling. Maybe it's like what prisoners feel when the barbwire gates screech open and they're standing in the open air, free, but no one around to greet them. Is the novel good? I don't even know anymore. And what I also don't know is how writers can enjoy the editing process. I'd rather have ice picks shoved through both corneas. But that's just me.

…I just finished Sharon Olds' "The Dead and The Living." Some of her poems were really good. Some--the ones about her kids-- were uncomfortable. She has no probably writing about their private body parts. But using the "C" word to describe her seven year old's penis seemed a little over the top… Anyway, I wonder how many people read poetry. I know there are a lot of poets around. I know people read quite a bit of poetry online, myself included. But how many people actually pay money and buy a volume of poetry, that's what I wonder. I bet less than one percent of all poets can make a living from their writing. That's sort of sad.

…"Grey's Anatomy" is a good show. Last season's finale was probably the second best episode of television ever, next to the "Lost" pilot. People who don't watch television are missing out. It seems like the quality of shows is the best ever. If you scrub out reality tv and all the inane alphabet shows-- CSI, NCSI, L&O-- many are as good as films. There are actually too many good ones. Consider these:
--Parenthood (outstanding, truly)
--The Office
--Mad Men
--Empire Boardwalk
--Nurse Jackie
--Modern Family
--Mike and Molly
--Raising Hope
and on and on.

…I get a lot of magazines. Magazines are a good value, if you think about it. Plus they help you keep up on pop culture. "Interview" is one I especially like. It's been around a longggg time. Andy Warhol started it. The photography is always stellar and while it takes some time for each interview to get going, it's fun to see celebs interviewing fellow celebs. Blake Lively was interviewed by Ben Afflect (I always want to shout "Aflack" like the duck in those insurance commercials every time I write or say his name.) Blake comes across pretty genuine, humble and fun. She had a stunning turn in "The Town." Her whole family is in show business--all four siblings act, her dad's an agent and her mom does something.

…Changing gears for a moment--how nutty is that guy that runs Iran? What a wack job. He wants the UN to open an investigation into the events of 9/11 because "all the world believes the United States was behind what happened." I wonder what Iranian citizens think of that loon. And how the hell did he ever get to be in charge? Anyway, I'm just saying…

…"Let the meaning choose the word, and not the other way around. In prose, the worst thing you can do with words is to surrender them." -- George Orwell

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  1. Like your Mermaid story at BLIP very much.