Monday, December 21, 2015


I’m back from Vancouver.  Seems like I was gone a long time.  It was a hellish drive home, what with a monsoon the whole way, wild winds and rain so thick I could scarcely see the highway.  I hydroplaned nearly a dozen times.

...Then I see this on the news:

The Islamic State has reportedly issued a fatwa ordering the elimination of children with Down syndrome and other congenital disabilities, reminiscent of Hitler’s infamous “Aktion T4” program, which administered forced “euthanasia” on an estimated 300,000 disabled persons.
According to the Iraqi activist blog Mosul Eye, sharia judges have ruled that ISIS followers are authorized to kill infants with Down Syndrome or congenital deformities. Already since the religious decree (fatwa) was issued, militants have killed at least 38 children between one week and three months old by lethal injection or suffocation.
In a post on the Mosul Eye Facebook page, the group claims that any child with a disability is now at risk of being killed, and released a brief video showing disabled children. The killings reportedly took place in ISIS strongholds in Syria and Mosul, the northern Iraqi city seized by ISIS in June 2014.
Mosul Eye claims to report directly from Mosul, and has reliably reported on Islamic State incidents in the past. It has been called “one of most accurate chronicles of life under Islamic State rule.”
The group says it has monitored the deaths of several children with Down Syndrome and congenital deformities. They learned of an “Oral Fatwa” issued by the sharia board of the Islamic State authorizing its members to “kill newborn babies with Down’s [sic] Syndrome and congenital deformities and disabled children.”
The Fatwa was issued by a Saudi sharia judge named Abu Said Aljazrawi.
The post also reports that most of the children born with Down Syndrome have been the offspring of foreign fighters who married Iraqi, Syrian and Asian women.
“We recorded more than 38 confirmed cases of killing babies with congenital deformities and Down’s Syndrome, aged between one week to three months. They were killed by either lethal injection or suffocation,” they said.
“As if it is not enough for ISIL to kill men, women and the elderly, and now, they kill children,” they said.

…But enough of that.
Here some funny or interesting musings from Facebook while I was gone:
-Got excited when I saw an email with the subject line: Congratulations! Opened it and it read: Your Pap smear results were normal! Happy holidays!
-I just texted to a friend: "Tell him I have a bag of dicks with his name on it. Sending them second day air so they're still fresh."
-Random fun fact: the blue whale ejaculates 40 gallons of sperm while mating. Only 10% enters the female... Remember this when swimming in the ocean and wonder why it's so salty.
-If someone invites you to their immaculate, tidy home and says "sorry about the mess", run. They have killed before and they will kill again
-From Denver Waste Management: Are you seeing graffiti creep into your neighborhood?
Why yes I am. McDonald's signs, Subway signs, Family Dollar signs, etc.

-Sick of having to go to two different huts to buy pizza and sunglasses.

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