Wednesday, November 19, 2014


…Happy Wednesday.
I feel the best I’ve felt in a long, long time.  I don’t know why, but I do.  How about you?

…The world can be a pretty messed up place.  Here are some intriguing things I found in the news that might be of interest:

-Ten officials of North Korea’s ruling Workers’ Party have been executed for charges including watching foreign soap operas, South Korea’s intelligence agency revealed Wednesday, bringing the total of senior members killed this year to 50.
The National Intelligence Service says the officials were executed by firing squad for watching South Korean soap operas, engaging in bribes, or womanizing, The Telegraph reports.
The officials killed reportedly are close to Jang Song-thaek, the uncle of North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un, who was arrested in December and executed for committing crimes against the state.

-Islamic State group extremists lined up and shot dead at least 50 tribesmen and women in Iraq's Anbar province, officials said Saturday, the latest mass killing committed by the group.
Militants accused the men and women of the Al Bu Nimr tribe of retaliating against them after being displaced from their homes when the group seized the Anbar town of Hit last month, al-Issawi said.
On Thursday, authorities found the bodies of 48 Sunni tribesmen killed by the Islamic State group in Anbar.

-A court in Cairo has sentenced eight men to three years in prison for appearing in a video allegedly taken during a gay wedding on a boat.
The video shows two men kissing and exchanging rings on a Nile boat as their friends cheer, the reported. The video became a YouTube sensation after being posted online in September.
For their alleged appearance in the clip, eight men were arrested and sentenced to three years in prison. Egypt's top prosecutor has branded the clip as 'shameful to God'.

-An Oregon mother who had a breakdown while caring for her autistic son and ailing husband allegedly threw the 6-year-old off a bridge and then called police to tell them, authorities and relatives said Tuesday.
Jillian Meredith McCabe, 34, of Seal Rock, Oregon, was arrested for the murder of her son London, police said. Authorities discovered the boy's body in the waters of Oregon's Yaquina Bay hours after McCabe called 911 late Monday.
In the past, McCabe had spoken and written of "pulling a Thelma and Louise" — a reference to the movie in which two women drive their car off a cliff — as a response to the stresses of her life.

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