Friday, February 15, 2013


…I've been listening to a lot of Nico Stai and Jonathan Wilson lately.  Gosh, they're both so good.

…Did you have a fantastic Valentine's Day?  Was it important to you that the day be special, or was it just another day?  What did you do?

…On Valentine's Day of all days, I had a story read by Nate Tower on his Podcast whereby he asks a writer for their most quirky, unusual or disturbing story, and he reads it live without ever having read it before.
So I sent him "Medicine and Meat" which was published in Wrong Tree Review.  It was actually the first story of mine I've ever read in front of an audience.
I must be brave.

…I had this story, "Boom," up at Pure Slush:

…And this is something I wrote a while back:


Of all things,
I watch you catch a shark.
The fish, a gray smudge inside cunning cobalt water,
struggles against each ripple,
darting like sun shadows between every vented wave.

You’re apparently a pro,
reeling in with ease.
Your shoulders are the color of flan,
of toast.
I remember how you’d tear off hunks of bread at breakfast,
smear the crust in bleeding egg yoke
and raise your eyes to mine,
bejeweled and sanguine.

Now your man unhooks the fish
and drops it into a handy cooler while
him: _______/
you: on video in some other hemisphere/
me: seated and stupefied/—
watch the slick-skinned creature gasp
and squirm.

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