Friday, December 7, 2012


…I hope you have a fabulous weekend.  Watch out for that Fiscal Cliff and try not to fall over it.

 …The good folks at SOLARCIDE published three of my flash pieces this week:

…Here are some thoughts from Andre Dubus III about writing or life or anything:

...“Gustave Flaubert was known to writhe on the floor in search of the perfect word to complete whatever it was he was writing. When’s the last time you writhed on the floor, other than during sex?”

“I believe when you write a story you are pregnant with that story the way a woman can be pregnant with a child. Similarly, she can eat right and not drink, and she can exercise and make all the correct choices but still miscarry.”

“There’s a certain stupidity writers can hardly do without--it’s called waiting. Not waiting for inspiration to write--because only amateurs do that-- but writing it as best you can and then waiting, waiting and sending out again, waiting, waiting and sending out again for the hundredth, second-hundredth time to see if someone likes it.”

“If you think you’re thinking when you’re writing, think again. Dreaming is closer to writing than thinking is to writing.”

“Imagine it, don’t make it up. There’s a huge difference.”

“This thing we do is mysterious because writers are the kind of people who want to enter the mystery of things.”

“You want to get yourself in the frame of mind where you accept any idea that comes your way.”


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