Tuesday, August 7, 2012


…What's it mean?
I don’t know.  You tell me.

-51% of women believe in love at first sight and have actually experienced it.

-The average man has 1-5 neck ties in his closet
-5 of men still have clothes in their closet left over from high school
-32% of women have secretly thrown away something from their man's closet
-10% of people have had sex in their closet
-7 out 0f 10 men regularly feel underdressed
--1 in 2 men say their clothing accurately reflects their personality
-65% of women feel their man's warddrobe needs a makeover

-On average, Tuesday through Sunday, people spend 24 minutes complaining.
On Monday it's 32 minutes

-54% of women work more than 8 hours a day
-41% of men do
-11% of women work more than 5 days per week
-7% of men do

If you started a job and didn't like it, how long would you stay?
91% -Up to a year
9%   -More than a year

Hewlett Packard plans to cute 27,000 jobs by 2014

Percentage who are financially prepared to live to:
Age 75 --56%
Age 85 --46%
Age 95 --36%

American's spent $62.4 Billion on weight loss products in 2011, up 10% from 2006

Foreign Countries who own the most US land:
#1 Canada
#2 Netherlands
#3 Germany
#4 United Kingdom
#5 Denmark

43% --The Percentage of people who think the world recession will strengthen American character
43% --Percentage who think it will weaken American character

Percentage of workers who say they use all of their allotted vacation time:
-89% France
-77% Britain
-77% Spain
-75% Germany
-67% Russia
-57% USA

How often do you check your work email/voice mail on vacation?
Never -41%
Sometimes -34%
Regularly -20%
Constantly -4%

Parents lose sleep worrying about their children's:
30% --Financial security
21% --Health
20% --Education
18% --Values
11% --Friendships

58% of High School seniors admit to texting or emailing while driving

Every sixty minutes 29,000 status updates are put up on Facebook
29% --Drop in value of Facebook shares since it's debut one month ago

Each year 20 to 35 people jump to their death off the Golden Gate Bridge

Studies show that people who stay up until 2am or later eat an average of 250 more calories than others

Biggest categories of consumer sports equipment sales in 2011 (in Billions):
Firearms/Hunting --$2.9
Golf --$2.5
Fishing --$2.0
Camping --$1.8
Optical Goods --$1.3

States with the highest gas taxes (cents per gallon)
Washington --37.5
North Carolina --35.2
West Virginia --32.2
Rhode Island --32
Pennsylvania --31.2

Wal-Mart is now the Mexico's biggest employer

10, 000 people retire every day in the U.S.

America's five most violent cities are these:
#5 --Memphis, TN
#4 --New Haven, CT
#3 --St. Louis, MO
#2 --Detroit, MI
#1 --Flint, MI

How readers got their most recent book:
48% --Purchased it
24% --Borrowed it
14% --Library
13% --Other

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