Saturday, June 2, 2012


…You probably already know this, but the last week a man ate another man’s face.  Literally ate it.
It was a big news story with everyone talking about it.  I just read the headline and skipped the story.  It seemed too gruesome, and while I’m not the squeamish type, the face-eater’s photo looked really creepy, like a hillbilly version of Charles Manson crossed with Ted Bundy and maybe the Una Bomber.
But then today I was reading the paper and in a tiny part of the news at the very bottom of the page I saw where a Morgan State University student killed his roommate, then ate his heart and part of his brain.  It didn’t get much attention.  I guess people are most interested in things that obviously affect outward physical appearance.

…Lately I’ve been listening to the new B.o.B., the new Springsteen, Young The Giant, Neon Trees, and old Jason Marz.

…Last week some things I learned were these:

-The stock market crashed as the unemployment rate rose for the first time in over a year.
-Interest rates hit an all-time low at 3.78% for a 30 year mortgage (refinance, if you haven’t already.  I am.)
-Safeway and Walmart both sell vibrators.  (Yep, you read that right.)  A Walmart spokesman said, “People are more comfortable than ever about having one.  (Got yours yet?)
-In an attempt to limit sugary-drink portions, and thereby affect obesity, NYC is proposing a law that place a 16-ouce cap on bottled drinks and fountain beverages sold in New York.  A McDonald’s statement said, “Public health issues cannot be effectively addressed through a narrowly focused and misguided ban.”  (They can’t?  Really?)
-President Obama designated the month of June as Gay, Lesbian and Transgender Pride Month.
While listening to Rush Limbaugh this morning, he likened Obama to Hitler.  And this was just for Health Care.  He hadn’t heard about June being GLTG Pride Month.  (I try not to get political here, but Rush is a real hater.  He sounds preposterous so I listen to him now and again to remind myself why I can’t stand the man.)
-Thunderstorms cause pollution.  (Who knew?)
-Video games boost autistic kids. (Makes sense)
-Experts agree: despite the onslaught of texting, spelling is still important when you’re trying to make a good impression.  (Duh)
-28 cities posted their warmest temperatures ever in the month of May.  (No one seems to talk about Global Warming anymore.)
-In a nationwide poll, people said that youths would get a better start with:
25% --$250,000 in cash
71% --A college education
-28 states now have medical marijuana
-I am still a dolt when it comes to Twitter

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