Wednesday, March 14, 2012


…A while back I read this news story about a guy who put his life for sale on Ebay. The list of items included everything he owned--bike, cat, clothes, car. It also included his job (he'd worked that out with his boss), assumption of apartment lease, his little black book of hot dates, and an option to legally switch names with the top bidder.
His life went for $752.00
I wrote a story about that, but it featured a female and was, of course, dark. Bananafish published it years ago when I first started sending out work, then that site went belly up and the story disappeared into the ether, or something like that.
I happened upon "Quicksand" the other day and sent it to a site I really admire, so we'll see what happens.

…Regardless of your politics, is it not a little boggling that 52% of Mississippi voters think Obama is a Muslim?

…It snowed here yesterday, big loaf-sized flakes. At one point it looked like the wind was shredding my roof.

…FYI I'm being random today.

…I sent my son a text with FYI in it and he replied, "FYI, no one says FYI anymore."
Funny kid, that boy.

…I am trying to give Twitter a shot. I am trying to come up with pithy things to say.
One of my worst fears--here, on Twitter, in person--is being boring.

…I miss the people I met at AWP. I wish we could transport ourselves each weekend and have a little shindig.

…I saw the movie, "Friends with Kids" the other day. I quite liked it, but the reviews were far from glowing, which surprised me.
Adam Scott, Kristin Wiig, John Hamm and others were in it. It's a tad on the raunchy side, but so was "Bridesmaids," right?

…I'm having problems with this site. It will let me post commentary (obviously), yet it won't let me delete or add to the "Words in Print" column. Any thoughts or helpful hints as to what I should do?

…I've been watching, "Weeds." It started out a little dicey, with spotty acting and writing, sort of degenerating into "Desperate Housewife" humor, but I've stuck with it and now on Season 2 I'm getting the payoff.

…I'm sure using the word "I" a lot in this posting.

…These are some things I like on a Wednesday:

"How to Love:

Sweep into one corner
all your ego.
Set a match to it."
--Bill Yarrow

"Good people are good because they've come to wisdome through failure." William Saroyan

"Passive aggression makes a hell of a chew toy." Erin Fitzgerald

"The heart has reasons which reason does not know." Pascal

"Love consists in this, that two solitudes protect and touch and greet each other." Rilke

"There is plenty of courage among us in the abstract but not in the concrete." Helen Keller

"There is always something to be grateful for, including the ability to find something to be grateful for."

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