Friday, July 8, 2011


…Today I am filled with questions.
I am.
Very much so.
I have oodles of questions.
Bushels and pecks full.
See what you think.
See if you haven't, at some point, wondered these as well.
So here we go:

--why do people love their pets so much?
--why are their cruel parents?
--if the sins of the father are visited upon the son, then when will it ever end?
--why can't the israelis and palestinians just get along?
--who decided "fuck" and "shit" were swear words but "intercourse" and "fecal matter" aren't?
--if we can put a man on the moon, why can't we cure cancer?
--why do we spend $151 billion on the iraq and afghanistan wars and not use that money to cure cancer?
--why can't someone figure out a way to stop forest fires more quickly?
--are book stores going the way of record stores?
--why doesn’t the government shut down all of the online music sites that allow piracy?
--if michael jackson hadn't died young, would everyone still consider him a freak or would his “this is it” concert tour have propelled him into a famous second act like elvis's las vegas tour?
--why do some mediocre writers (who are also editors) garner so much attention/feedback/praise/shameless brown-nosing on facebook?
--what if you actually had to know everyone who is your friend on facebook before you could be friends on facebook?
--who thinks billboards are a good idea?
--why doesn't everyone on the planet live in new york city? why don't I, for God's sake?
--why are 98.7% of all songs about love when there are a billion other topics?
--is there anyone else who reads poetry that's not a poet?
--if kissing is permissible in public and also a sign of intimacy, why doesn't everyone kiss all the time?
--who wrote the book of love?
--who decided which books would be in the bible and which wouldn't?
--if bob dylan and ryan adams had a baby, would it be God? (I think it would.)
--how come women can't apply makeup in public but it'd be rude for a man to shave at a restaurant?
--speaking of shaving, who decided women should shave their arm pits and legs and that it's gross if they don’t'?
--and who decided pink was a girl's color and blue for boys, and what was the thinking there exactly?
--what's up with dreams? what the hell is up with nightmares?
--what if certain people had never lived--picasso, hemingway, freud, gandhi?
--how many pulitzer prize-national book award winning novels never even get published?
--what's the prettiest sunset you've ever seen?
--have you ever seen a double rainbow?
--why do I miss "the soprano's" so much, and often fantasize that the cast are real people, still alive and doing mob shit in new jersey?


  1. yes - why don't i live in NYC too, for fuck's sake?

    and yes, there're a few people around me who read poetry when they aren't writers at all. in the past i read a lot of poetry when i wasn't poet. now i can't lay 100% claim to that - that i'm not a poet, i mean.

  2. well, the good news about nyc is there's still time. we still have time. you and i do. to live there. some day. we could. it would be fun. even a year.
    i have a feeling you live a very cool bohemian-type life style there in hk, which is why you have chic friends who read poetry and aren't poets. i bet your friends are very funny and dress well, too. but keep patting them on the back for reading poetry! we need them. desperately we do.
    and finally, nicolette, your writing is very lyrical and feels very much like poetry.