Saturday, February 26, 2011


…the snow is flying sideways, like a chilly scarf flipped over my shoulder. it is floaty and stirring, stubborn and unmotivated. it is thick flakes that do not know where to go, snow that knows only that it doesn't want to land, to touch ground, to attach to something it's not and therefore die.

i am in a globe that someone shook and I'm growing a white beard of snow that tickles my chin and makes me simultaneously giddy and forlorn.

the snow is has me going dreamy, feeling all floaty. damien rice is on the iPod singing, "The Animals Were Gone." it's so damn good. you should Youtube the song right now. you'll thank me. here's the beginning..

"Woke up this morning and for the first time,
the animals were gone.
It's left this house empty now,
not sure if I belong.
Yesterday you asked me to write you a pleasant song.
I'll do my best now, since you've been gone for so long.
The window's open and the winter settles in.
We'll call it Christmas when the adverbs begin.
I love your depression and I love your double chin.
I love most everything about you, my friend…"

i don't like to be cold. being warm for me equates to being safe, secure. as a child i was cold a lot.

but the snow, the snow is beautiful. outside my windows, it is.

there's a windshield of frosted ice on one part of the lake and a lone duck has ensconced itself in the middle of the flow. it's a picture.

the snow looks like frosty freckles looking for a someone's face to flock.

the snow is coconut shavings. shredded pillow stuffing. God's dandruff. the iceman's beautiful tears. lovely lint. a polka-dot shroud. pointilism. pixilation exploded. frosted sand showers. Dip 'n Dots. tufts of cotton candy. a million jagged pills. white pepper. powdered sugar. a storm of white, wayward ladybugs.

the snow is a beauty this saturday morning.

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