Wednesday, May 6, 2015


…Yesterday the wind blew so hard I thought my windows were going to crack.  I thought I saw Dorothy and The Wicked Witch flying through the air.
I watched some sparrows struggle with the gusts.  The eagle didn’t seem to have any trouble.
Twigs and other bits of detritus nicked the glass in my office.  It sounded like a pellet gun being shot at the windows.  It was slightly startling.

…I just left and you didn’t even realize it.
The power went out.  It was out for six hours.  Apparently a tree fell across the road and took several power lines with it.
During the outage I read until it got dark and then I got a lantern and read some more and finished a very great book: “Dept. of Speculation,” by Jenny Offill.
I’ve never read anything like it.  You should give it a go.  It’s quite short, not even 200 pages, but here sentences and observances are fantastic as you’ll hopefully see at the end of this post.

…Last weekend was something else.  A last minute trip to Portland for a boy’s weekend to watch the big fight.  Groups of guys together are a lot different than groups of women together.  Guys are pretty stupid.  You have to drink a lot, or at least fake it well.  One of our party threw up in the bathroom and then kept hugging and kissing my cheek (he’s not gay, just quite affectionate.)
The fight raked in millions, maybe billions.  But the fight wasn’t about the fight.  It was akin to The Super Bowl.  Cronyism.  Bonding.  That sort of thing.
It’s good to have friends.  When I’m with mine, I feel more alive.  I wish they didn’t live so far away…

-“The baby’s eyes were dark, almost black, and when I nursed her in the middle of the night, she’d stare at me with a stunned, shipwrecked look as if my body were the island she’d washed up on.”

-“There is nowhere to cry in this city.”

-“There’s that moment, you know, for most people, when you decide you want to wake up in the world for one more day.”

-“You can never fucking outrun entropy.”

-“There is still such crookedness in my heart.  I had thought loving two people so much would straighten it.”

-“To live in a city is to be forever flinching.”

-“Evolution trained us to cry out if we are being abandoned.”

--Jenny Offill, “Dept. of Speculation”

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