Sunday, May 6, 2012


 You may wonder how you start, how you catch the first inspiration.  What do you use for bait?
You have no choice.
One bad winter in the Arctic an Algonquin woman and her baby were left alone after everyone else in their winter camp had starved.  The woman walked from camp where everyone had died, and found at a lake a cache.  The cache contained one small fishhook.  It simple to rig a line, but she had no bait, and no hope of bait.  The baby cried.  She took a knife and cut a strip from her own thigh.  She fished with the worm of her own flesh and caught a jackfish; she fed the child and herself.  Of course she saved the fish gut for bait.  She lived alone at the lake, on fish, until spring, when she walked out again and found people.”

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