Wednesday, June 19, 2024




…I don’t expect you to be here.


…“No one wants to be lonely. No one wants to sing the blues.”


…You might not know it, but you’re my star.


…Memories are nice, but the thing with memories is they fade.


…I guess we’ll never know now.


…A lot of times when I’m alone I’ll get introspective and think I’ll do things differently, or I’ll act differently with this or that person, but then when I see them it’s just more of the same.


…When people say, “This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life,” I wonder if it isn’t just well-meaning hyperbole. 


…I’m still dreaming in abbreviated emails.


…Who’m I talking to now?


…Listen to your gut. The days you don’t, you’re screwed.


Closing time, one last call for alcohol... 


…Not sure what I expect to find, but I’ll keep looking nonetheless.


…I’m trying really hard not to be glib.


…Pretty sure living with me is sometimes hard.


…“If you come back, I’ll be waiting every time.”


…There was an incredibly bombed woman at the bar yesterday. Swaying, she glanced across the way, pointed, and said to me, “I see you and I don’t see you.” Apparently, this is a normal, everyday occurrence for her.

I kept wondering how she was going to get home, how she got home all those other times.

I’ve found myself thinking about her a lot, though I didn’t say a single word to her.


…“It’s lovely not to have to dance for anyone but yourself.” Tameca Coleman


…Don’t we all just want to matter?


…A call from an old friend out of the blue has to be one of the best things ever.


…I wonder if my body likes me more now. So far, I can’t tell.

...All I want to do is sit here, write it all down, and rest for a while.


How about this movie?


…Admittedly, I can be a tough critic when it comes to film, television and books. But I don’t get it when a novelist wins every prize there is and writes, “Oh God” seven times in three pages, not to mention dozens of other times throughout the whole novel.

...I'm not afraid to need you bad.


…“Let’s talk about me, for a minute…”


…It’s funny the things we remember even when we’re not remembering well anymore.


…When things go south, as they are sometimes wont to do, you can either become bitter or bigger.


…It’s interesting how different people endure things.


…Luck has a funny way of showing up.


…It’s hard not to judge people. Maybe impossible. Just go to a swimming pool sometime, then you tell me.


…The guy who returns his towels is somebody I’d probably like to get to know.


…Evidentially there are a fair amount of bad mothers out there.


…I could really use some puck right now, as well as all that that implies.


…Who knew there were so many songs about drinking?


…Four and a half months. Oh boy.


…Is it bad to want to be the favorite?


…Like a lot of words, “dry” has several meanings.


Catholic high school girls, in trouble


...I'm doing a reading next week. It's been a long while. Lord, help me.

…What do you do when your dream comes true?


…“But gossip must see its characters in black and white, equip them with sins and motives easily conveyed in the shorthand of conversation.” John le Carre


…It’s usually the devil you know that gets you.


…All those regrets—you gotta let ‘em go or else they’re bound to crush you.


…“Now the night does funny things to a man.”


…Hall and Oates—now there’s a sad ending.


…When I was a kid, I spent a lot of time underwater holding my breath as long as I could. I may or may not have been a suicidal child.


…“He just made that story up. There ain’t no girl like that.”


…When exactly did my face start to resemble a checkerboard?


…Sometimes I can’t help seeing all the way through.


…I wanna be what you’re drinking.


…Some mornings all you need is a little Todd Rungren to get started on the right foot.


…Wouldn’t it be nice if you could cut-and-paste life?


…“Sometimes love is letting go.”


…Time to see what I’m made of, or not made of.

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